Saturday, 9 March 2013

Day out !!!

Finally a fun day out with friends.Was really stressed out with exams and i seriously needed a break so me along with two of my friends went for a fun ride to the outskirts of the town..We stopped by this beautiful place and decided to take some pictures shamelessly.
The other friend decided to stay behind the lens but all thanks to him for these pictures :)

Into the woods

This dress was bought long time back from a vintage shop.really liked the prints, its length as well as the color of the dress (brown and black)..You see i really dig in to the shades browns and blacks..

I love vintage clothes at least as much as the new ones and whenever i get some time to spare i rush to the vintage second hand stores.There are some good collection of clothes from maxi skirts to beautiful dresses,tops,jeans,bags and even shoes..they are really cheap and rare and the clothes can be altered to your body size..luckily this dress fitted me perfectly and there was no need of any alteration.
Another vintage dress added to my wardrobe..and you wont believe the price..Its only 150 rs which will be around 2$...Lucky me uh?I KNOW :p

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

first post

My very first post and i don't really know what to write.Fingers on the keyboard and nothing's on my mind..Maybe that's because of my overbrainness :p.Just decided to create a blog and here it is..
The reason -well this blog would serve me as a journal of my happenings in life and maybe in my later years i would look back and reminisce my past ;)
That's all i have to say for now until then stay happy happy